Corby Cube by Hawkins/Brown

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A growing practice gaining international recognition, HawkinsBrown have triumphed again with their design of an inspiring civic hub and arts centre in Corby, England. The Corby Cube is a multi-purpose building, which serves patrons within a library, theatre, registry office, studio space and council chamber, all encircled by it’s very own ‘high street’ – a wide pedestrian ramp lined with bookcases. Elevated diagonally between the lower two floors, visitors are encouraged to explore each hidden space within.

Maximizing the site whilst also encouraging cross-functional activities such as patron theaters, council offices and public services, the cube becomes a bustling public gathering spot, infusing the local area with life. Selected for its ambitious vision and integrated structural approach, the multiple usage building has been noted by critics as a possible template for other public spaces.

Wrapped in glass, the shell of the building responds to the sun, shifting between a transparent and reflective state. In a town without a dynamic skyline, this dramatic cube design more than makes up for the shortfall. And with large investments made to draw London commuters in, the Corby Cube will undoubtedly be a much celebrated hub.

via Corby Cube: Dazzling Glass Pavilion Unveiled in England | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World.

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