“The limit on the proposal length is 5 pages. Bidders are obliged to include the last 10 years of financial statements consisting of minimally B/S, P/L and C/F statements.”

Do you think 10 years of financial statements will still be legible when squeezed onto 5 pages?

If you have experience with competitive bidding, tendering, RFPs or any other instrument aimed at trying to make a complete and like-for-like comparison on what is available on the market at the best price (debatable if it is value), you will feel right at home here. This series will be a feast of recognition for you. On a regular basis, we will post a request/question which should have never been asked in a competitive bid, tender, RFP.  Why should it never have been asked? If you see the question or request, you will recognise why. Please feel free to send us your sample experience in a comment and we will happily include it in this forum. Enjoy!

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